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Strathmore University, through the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, on Friday, 17th August 2018 hosted Her Excellency Brenda Muntemba, the High Commissioner of Zambia to Kenya, for a public lecture themed: “My Life as a Diplomat”. This is in line with Strathmore University’s goals to provide all students and staff practical exposure and unique opportunities to enable them excel in their specific areas. H.E. Muntemba is also an author of four books.

H.E. Muntemba thrilled the audience using practical examples and engaging sessions. She challenged the learners not to aim for specific positions such as the Secretary General of United Nations. Rather, she encouraged the learners to desire becoming the best versions of themselves which will in turn make them naturally marketable for various diplomatic positions.

“Instead of thinking of specific positions in your journey, think of excellence in all that you do, that way, you will get to the peak of your potential” H.E Muntemba implored.

We were encouraged to look at our lives as a picture and paint our desired future. She demonstrated using a simple six letter phrase. “SHOW UP’ which means S for Strengths, H for Hopes O for Opportunities, W for Will power, U for Uniqueness and P for Putting priorities on people.

One of the things that stood out of the lecture was putting priorities on people. This in her view is the glue that holds everything together. She emphasized the importance of thinking of people above programs, people above things and people above everything else.

‘Diplomacy is all about people’ she said.

The High Commissioner even requested to hug the members of the audience who had not been hugged that day, to just demonstrate how important people are to us.

“God had the ability to create an island for all of us if His intention was that we live without others. However, He didn’t do that.” She added. “If we live alone we would never know our strengths.”

The public lecture was one that had a great impact on the lives of the learners. It was more than a learning session for “diplomats in the bakery.” It spurred one to think keenly on their fundamental reason of existence. The question and answer session was also another session which enabled the students consult further regarding different aspects of diplomacy.

The day was crowned when Dr. Ochieng Kamudhayi revealed of future plans by Strathmore University to work together with the High Commission of Zambia, to ensure industrial exchange.

What a day! What a Lecture!

This article was written by Gabriel Ndinda

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