Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Strathmore teach humanities?
The university’s mission is to offer all round quality education to all its students. This requires that in addition to specific professional studies, students must get a general education from an array of disciplines, in which the Humanities play a key role for their successful future
What advantage is there in learning humanities?
Today’s young person lives in a rapidly changing technological world, in which there are compound real-life problems. Strathmore’s humanity courses provide the approaches and solutions to real life issues enabling young graduates to compute, solve problems, and think critically.
Are humanities relevant in the job market?
Employers today are looking for a graduate who can work with other people of diverse backgrounds, solve real work-place problems, and make good decisions using complex information. Successful enterprises seek highly articulate and dependable employees who know what is ethical and act ethically and who are reliable and trustworthy.
How will the humanities fit into my life as a professional?
Apart from making you a better professional, humanities aim at your all-round formation and happiness: life in the family and community, responsible citizenship, and above all,to broaden your understanding of yourself, so that you may discover who you are, and your gifts of creativity and inquiry, through critical thinking, philosophy, literature, language and basic knowledge of the history of your roots.
Will learning humanities have an impact on the way I do my daily work?
Yes, indeed. You will acquire better communication skills, speak a modern Western or Eastern language, relate better with people of foreign cultures, understand yourself and others better and therefore face challenges more effectively and efficiently. Your ability to think critically, understand your environment, act with integrity and reliability, will have you acquire the trust of others, all of which have direct and positive impact on your effectiveness.

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