The School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) aims to influence both staff and students to dream and pursue excellence in order to transform the industry and society.


To support the advancement of the overall Strathmore University mission by: providing an all-round education through the teaching of the humanities; by creating continuous improvement of personal development in character, culture, integrity, professionalism, good citizenship; the enhancement of educators; education for effective communication; facilitating development consciousness and openness to all people through international studies. 


The Vision of the School of Humanities is to enhance the general vision of the university through the teaching of the humanities.


The philosophy of the humanities programme is excellence in wisdom and professionalism through humanistic education as envisioned in the Vision and Mission of Strathmore University.

Core Values

SHSS is guided by Strathmore University’s core values and so adapts the following:
Excellence through sanctification of work
We strive for excellence in work and highest quality output reflecting the joy of service as we echo the spirit of the Founder of the School: “Whatever you do, do it well. Poorly done things cannot be offered to God”.
We uphold ethical practices of staff and students and foster integrity in all their actions.
We value personal commitment which comes with the exercise of freedom and responsibility, which is fostered through personal attention given to staff and students.
We respect one another’s commitment to a common purpose and work together to achieve the common goal.
Creativity and innovation
We foster innovation and enhance creativity through experiential activities within and outside the classroom to equip learners with skills and tools for innovation and adaptability.
Life-long learning
We develop programmes and training courses that contribute to a person’s development of mind and body, intelligence, sensitivity, aesthetic appreciation and spirituality throughout their lives.
Social responsibility
We serve society through education, research and community outreach projects organized by students and staff. Hospitality and tourism education has a direct impact on the family and society as it is a service profession. Through our home management programmes, we make a direct contribution to the betterment of society and improve quality of life in the family.
Strategic Goals
The SHSS strategic goals are organized according to the three main pillars...

Industry Partnerships
In nurturing our graduates with substantial human and professional qualities, SHSS works closely...

Advisory Board
Training in the hospitality industry worldwide has traditionally attracted a close...