The SHSS strategic goals organized according to the three main pillars: transforming student experience, research and enterprise, and service to society.

Transforming student experience

  1. Deliver market-oriented curriculum using effective learning and transformation mechanisms.
  2. Employ and retain high quality and motivated academic staff.
  3. Attract and retain suitable students.
  4. Build and strengthen sustainable student financing initiatives.
  5. Enhance student engagement and achievement in co-curricular activities.
  6. Implement the student mentoring programme efficiently.
  7. Enhance the quality of graduates: knowledge, skills and attitude.

Strategic result:

An enabling environment for the integral development of staff and students.

Research and Enterprise

  1. Attract research funding and boost Centre research fund base.
  2. Promote research-based teaching and learning and enhance student research output.
  3. Build staff research capacity.
  4. Improve capacity in consultancy.
  5. Enhance research scholarship.
  6. Develop entrepreneurial capacity.

Strategic result:

A dynamic information base for the hospitality and tourism industry and academia through research and development.

Service to Society

  1. Promote and implement SHSS-related community outreach projects (COP).
  2. Build external partnerships with stakeholders in conducting COP activities.
  3. Build a platform for staff and student involvement in COP activities.
  4. Increase engagement of SHSS alumni.

Strategic result:

Improved quality of life on the family, community and society.

Industry Partnerships
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Advisory Board
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