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Where are our graduates?

Strathmore University an excellent and reputable institution of higher learning has positively impacted my career at Aga Khan University Hospital. On daily basis I have intense one on one interactions with patients from diverse backgrounds both local and international. Patients have very high expectations, clinical and non-clinical that need to be met all the time. Thanks to Strathmore where I learnt essential skills, abilities and knowledge that have helped me sail through in this exciting task.

Anne Njogu, Class of 2017Senior Assistant (Quality Department) Aga khan University Hospital

I joined Strathmore University in 2010 for the evening classes, to advance my knowledge and skills in Hospitality Management. Since I was working by the time I joined, I benefited from the flexibility hours of study, managing to sail through the programme without compromising on my job.
The faculty of staff had a wealth of vast expertise in Hospitality Management. I liked how they blended learning experience between classroom learning and practical hands on lessons. This aided in getting a better, deeper understanding of the program. I enjoyed the class mix which was drawn predominantly from the working class and we could share real life work experiences in the industry.
I must admit, the degree played a pivotal role in my career growth and in opening new opportunities through the years. It has enhanced my skills and confidence necessary for my day to day role as a Restaurant Manager.

Victoria Muthoni, Class of 2010Unit manager, Tamarind Group

The Exempt program equipped me with the right tools, knowledge and understanding on how to maximize my potential with a competitive advantage turning my prospects into real opportunities.
The knowledge I acquired in class complimented the work experience and set me up for success for not only a managerial role within the hospitality industry, but for any industry I would like to venture in to as well as my personal life.
Equipped with my refined analytical, problem solving and management skills have confidence that I will truly make a difference in the hospitality Industry.

Sharon Okoth, Class of 2018General Manager, Mugg N Bean

In my time here, not only has STH been a great school to learn and meet friends, but it really is a way of life. Through digital learning and real world problem solving, students gain the confidence, skills and competencies to successfully confront complex business challenges as well as nurturing entrepreneurial talent, thus leading to the start of Africa Jipende Wellness. STH is competitive sure, but it pushes you to be better and fosters a sense of growth. At STH we laughed, we learned, we gained valuable experiences, we pushed ourselves to unexpected boundaries, and most of all we grew.

Ramona Okuna, Class of 2018Director / CEO, Own business

Moses Lesabile, Class of 2012Director, Compliance & Trade Facilitation - Tourism Regulatory Authority

The current designation, organization and location

Currently working for Serena Hotels as Talent Development Manager. My work is to ensure that the company retains qualified staff who can perform their duties as effectively as possible. Hence I must ensure that people skills match with company needs. Although I am based in Nairobi at the Serena Headquarter Offices for Kenya, I work for our Serena units in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. I cannot describe my work as an office job! A few days I am in the office but most of the time I am in the units assessing skill gaps, designing and implementing programs that engage employees and ensure that staff have the capabilities to meet company goals.

Years In Strathmore
I joined Strathmore in 2014 and graduated in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management (evening programme).

Your academic experience and how it has molded your career to date

Having studied a diploma in hotel management and a master’s degree in HR for hospitality and tourism industries, I was seeking a degree course that will not be repetitive. Strathmore offered that. Particularly, I enjoyed the humanities because these units gave me a deeper understanding on the "human" side of a profession - something I much needed in my hospitality career and apply to date. I must say that the quality of education I received was world class and fun too; not forgetting supportive lecturers and the serene environment of Strathmore that made studying and concentration possible.

Linnet Kisuvi ,Class of 2017Talent Development Manager, Serena Hotels