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Senior Lecturer

Dr. Branya has a PhD in Philosophy from Strathmore University, a Masters in Marriage and the Family and a degree in Philosophy from the University of Navarre.

He has worked in various administration and teaching roles within Kenya and Spain from the year 1975 to date. These were in Gaztelueta, Instituto Miguel de Unamuno in Bilbao, Instituto Juan Antonio Zunzunegi, Portugalete, Strathmore School where he was a principal, (1984 to 1995) and Strathmore University (2007 to date) where he served as an administrator of Strathmore Educational Trust and is now a director of the Masters of Applied Philosophy and Ethics and Director of Academic Development.

He is also the co-writer of the Kenya Institution of Education Social and Political Philosophy text-books and the teacher’s guide for Form 1 to Form 4. He has also written several articles that have been published in various magazines. His doctoral thesis was on “Synderesis According to Leornardo Polo.” 

He currently lectures on Critical Thinking, Principles of Ethics, Philosophical Anthropology, Social and Political Philosophy, Leadership and Ethics, Governance and Ethics, Business Ethics, and IT Professional Ethics.

He is fluent in Spanish and English and has a keen interest in new technologies for education. He is also a member of the TED Teachers Innovators 2nd Cohort, which leads in the training of TED young leaders club at the Strathmore Law School.