Welcome to Strathmore’s Centre for Applied Philosophy and Ethics



The center has the following personnel:

Research Coordinator who directs the work of researchers under CAPE and reports the Centre’s activities to the director for Research and Innovation, SHSS.

Junior researchers who carry out the Centre’s aims and activities. These are mainly current and former students of the Bachelors in Development Studies and Philosophy, normally working as interns. They also maintain the Centre’s website through content generation

Dr. John Branya

Senior Lecturer/Director Master of Applied Philosophy and Ethics

Jotham Muriu Njoroge

Senior Lecturer

Aims of CAPE

The aim of CAPE is to make Philosophy accessible to a wider public, enabling them to understand the theoretical foundations of various world views, so that their praxis and innovations are more relevant and effective in promoting the good of individuals and society.

Institutional Locus

CAPE is housed under the Director for Research and Innovation in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. This is because its principal activity is of a research nature, whose findings are to be made available to the institutions that approach CAPE for its services and to the public if they so wish, through the center’s website and social media platforms.


The center seeks to achieve this purpose through the following activities;

  • Publication of short videos on YouTube that explain philosophical topics in a clear and attractive way.
  • Publication of podcasts where the relevance of certain philosophical ideas is discussed in view of their praxis and he innovations they have inspired in history and specifically in Kenya.
  • Teaching of short certificate courses on contemporary ideas and their effect on our society.
  • Seminars and crash-courses for doctoral fellows and master’s students, which will help them fill up any knowledge gaps in their theoretical frameworks as they write their dissertations and theses.
  • Policy reviews for organizations that wish to understand better their own institutional identity in view of improving their products or partnering with other institutions of a similar ethos.