About Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies and Philosophy (BDP)

The philosophy of the Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies and Philosophy programme is service to society through the integral training and development of the two orders of knowledge igniting a passion for the truth and a zeal to promote, maintain and protect the principles of common good, public welfare and justice between individuals and institutions.

Why Study Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies and Philosophy (BDP)

The programme is founded on Strathmore’s Mission which, inter alia, is to provide an all-round quality education in an atmosphere of freedom and responsibility; creating a culture of continuous improvement; fostering high moral standards and developing a spirit of service to the society. The humanities and social sciences are best equipped to provide an all-round education that enables learners to blend their knowledge with values, virtues and their individual capabilities in solving societal problems and creating practical solutions. As a leading regional entrepreneurial university, Strathmore recognises that the promotion of humanistic education should be linked to economic growth.

Development challenges arise from the lack of good governance, accountability, transparency, integrity and justice. These issues will only be formulated and translated into action when those in positions of leadership operate within the parameters of logic, honesty and ethics. In designing this programme, Strathmore harmonizes economic and humanistic aspects of service to society in one degree. The programme will teach values that protect human dignity and morality, while seeking ways to generate sustainable development in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Both Development Studies and Philosophy critically examine causal relationships within dynamic social and historical contexts.

The Constitution of Kenya 2010, Kenya Vision 2030, and the National Values and Principles of Governance Policy foreground good governance, ethics and integrity as the prime drivers of sustainable development. In particular, Kenya Vision 2030, inter alia, aims to put the country on a ‘journey towards prosperity’, by building a ‘just and cohesive society’ with the endeavour to ‘move the economy up the value chain, by investing in the people of Kenya, and moving to the future as one nation’.

The Goal of studying Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies and Philosophy (BDP)

The goal of the programme is to grow citizens who have (i) a passion for the truth and zeal to promote, maintain and protect the common good and justice between individuals and institutions, and (ii) are ready to work towards generating sustainable development. To achieve this goal the programme aims to:

1. Ground graduates in foundational principles and practices in philosophy and development studies.

2. Develop creative and critical thinkers capable of working in diverse cultural, social, political and economic environments.

3. Grow policy makers with critical reasoning knowledge and skills to champion ethics and integrity.

Entry Requirements

KCSE (or equivalent examination) with a minimum aggregate of C+

A Level &IGCSE 6 Bs and above or IB 24 pts 5 in English and 4 in Mathematics

Entrance Examinations

Applicants will be required to attend and pass an appropriate entrance examination which will include an aptitude test in Mathematics and English as well as a personal oral interview.

Applicants should report to the university by 8.00am on the day of the interview and should bring along the following:

3 passport-size photographs
- Original and photocopies of all relevant academic testimonials.
- Copy of National ID / Birth Certificate / Passport
- Student entrance examination fee of Ksh. 2,000