Welcome to the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS), previously the Institute for Humanities, Education, and Development Studies (IHEDS), was founded to support the overall mission and vision of Strathmore University. This mission is to offer all round quality education to all its students. The mission and vision of SHSS is to advance the general mission of the university.

 It has often been said that today’s student lives in a rapidly changing technological world, in which he or she must be able to compute, solve problems, and think critically. The humanities play a key role in the preparation of students for happiness and a most successful future. Towards this end, SHSS teaches an array of units as part of all the undergraduate courses of Strathmore University focusing on areas of crucial interest to the individual and the society such as understanding of the human person, work, family, society, institutions, ethics and governance.

Employers today are looking for graduates who can solve problems and make good decisions using complex information; graduates who know what is ethical and therefore can act accordingly; graduates  who can contribute to a team of diverse people as well being able to communicate ideas effectively in writing and in speech.

Our mission in Strathmore is to prepare you for life in the family and community, for employment as responsible citizens, and above all, to broaden your understanding of yourself, so that you may discover who you are, and your gifts of creativity and inquiry, through critical thinking, philosophy, literature, and basic knowledge of the history of your roots.

It is also our pleasure to provide you with the opportunity to sharpen your oral and written communication skills, and to learn a modern Western or Eastern language.

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